👀“We only live once”

👀“We only die once, we live everyday”

Which line is you⁉️

We don’t need to argue about these two lines, it’s all opinions!😊

I live everyday and I treasure it!

I get up in the morning and knowing that I’m still breathing, my body can move, my brain is working and all these sound very normal is blessing! I won’t take them for granted!

We’ve come so far and begin to see the light from the other end of the tunnel; we are closer to the end of the pandemic; I just want all of you to know that; we are almost there; stay patient and safe!

When we decide to “Live once”, and thinking of going out is what we want; please also realize that we’re putting our lives at risk! And many of others too!

Be patient! Just few more weeks and we can “Re-start”! I know our lives will never be the same, the world won’t be the same too!

No matter what we’ve been through in the past 1 month+; regardless up or down! It’s time to get ourselves ready for new challenges!

“Getting Ready”

👍🏻Reset your goals and plan what we want to accomplish in the Post-Pandemic Era

👍🏻Take whatever training we need to get to the new goals!

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